Doctorate Degree Program

Doctorate Degree Program

Doctor of Christian Counseling

Credit Hours:  42
Prerequisites: Master’s Degree or Equivalent

The Doctor of Christian Counseling is a 42 credit hour program geared toward pastors, missionaries, and other church leaders who seek professional and personal growth. The program requires a Master’s degree in Christian Counseling, Counseling, Psychology, or Social Work. This program will develop a counselor’s competencies to the highest level by challenging the counselor in both theoretical knowledge and practical application of therapeutic techniques in relation to complex clinical situations and issues that could arise in professional practice.

Doctor of Ministry

Credit Hours: 51
Prerequisites: Master’s Degree or Equivalent

The purpose of the Doctor of Ministry (D.Min) degree program is to equip the student for a higher level of competence in the practice of ministry than that achieved in the foundation work normally resulting in a M.Div. degree. The Doctor of Ministry degree program is designed to serve the need of ministers for an experience of continuing education that renews the personal life of faith, further develops professional competence, and stimulates continued growth in biblical and theological foundations for ministry.

Doctor of Theology

Credit Hours: 45
Prerequisites: Master’s Degree or Equivalent

The Doctor of Theology degree focuses on historical, systematic, and biblical theology. Professional ministry issues are not a focus of this program. Nevertheless, the program is designed to provide a theological foundation for ministerial service. The program consists of 13 courses, 3 semester credit hours each, and a dissertation for a total of 45 credit hours. The curriculum for this degree program is produced by some of the world’s top biblical scholars and theologians and serves persons who wish to explore disciplines within Christian theology.